Meet Teleah Greene, The King Maker

Article by · July 26, 2023

::: Photo By Rich Greene :::

South Atlanta Magazine (SAM) is thrilled to introduce Mrs. Teleah Greene as the newly appointed Senior Vice President and Executive Managing Editor. With her exceptional entrepreneurial prowess, she brings a fresh perspective and a vision to propel the publication to new heights.

   Born in Park Hill in Denver, Colorado, Greene discovered her natural talent for creativity and networking at an early age. Reflecting on her journey, she shares, “I never realized that what I was doing was a talent or skill until I grew older. I have a genuine passion for making connections and nurturing positive relationships.”

   However, it was during her formative years in high school when she truly realized her knack for placing individuals in positions that would lead to their success. “It was at East High where I discovered my talent for strategically positioning people for achievement,” she recalls fondly.

   After graduating from high school in 2000, Teleah faced uncertainty in translating her skillset into a marketable career. However, driven by her determination, she decided to test the waters and came up with a brilliant idea—an innovative basketball tournament for children. Reflecting on that time, she shares, “I had no idea what steps to take or how it would come together. I simply knew that I wanted to make it happen! So, I conducted thorough research, reached out to relevant

parties, and, astonishingly, at the age of 19, I secured the deal! It was a surprise even to myself, and it instilled in me the confidence to explore other ideas.”

   This initial venture not only demonstrated Teleah’s resourcefulness and initiative but also ignited her entrepreneurial spirit. It served as a pivotal moment, empowering her to delve further into her creative endeavors and embrace new opportunities. Fueled by hope, curiosity and an entrepreneurial mindset, Mrs. Greene founded a nonprofit organization called The Gensis, a mentorship program that served over 25 girls. She also founded Blue Diamond Entertainment where she managed artist bookings, and organized various productions that showcased A’Marie, Dorrough, Karl Kani, Girbaud Jeans, and Baby Boy the Prince. “I organized tours, facilitated radio and TV press, managed transportation and lodging, and secured national brand sponsorships. Additionally, I obtained contracts and bookings for concerts featuring platinum-

selling artists.”

  Greene continued her path to success when she relocated to Atlanta, GA for work with Delta Airlines. Although Teleah has a love/hate relationship with Atlanta, she couldn’t imagine calling any other place her home base. Atlanta provides

her with the best opportunities to pursue her creative passion and make significant contributions to event planning and execution.

   In late 2022, Mrs. Teleah Greene’s hard work, passion, and accomplishments garnered her enticing offers from two esteemed organizations, Live Nation Entertainment and the NBA. However, driven by her unwavering dedication to her passion, she made the decision to embrace the role of Executive Managing Editor at South Atlanta Magazine. This position provided her with the freedom to create her own schedule and draw upon her entrepreneurial background, effectively working for herself.

    Her exceptional contributions to a significant project involving Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey, a Black-owned distillery spanning over 430 acres of land in Tennessee, swiftly propelled her to the position of Senior Vice President, a role she currently holds dear.

  We are thrilled to present Mrs. Teleah Greene, an exceptional, determined, and outgoing individual, to our esteemed readers. Since her well-deserved promotion, Greene has remained a tremendous source of inspiration within our company, forging successful partnerships with prestigious clients. Reflecting on her journey, she shares, “From early on, I learned the art of personal branding. Little did I know that this skill would accompany me throughout my life, and, if I may say so myself, I’ve become rather adept at it.”

   With a deep-rooted understanding of the power of connections and an innate ability to identify opportunities, Mrs. Greene’s arrival at SAM promises an exciting chapter for the magazine and its readers. Her expertise and leadership will undoubtedly help shape a brighter future for South Atlanta Magazine.

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