Gerrian Hawes

Paragon Systems, Inc. A Model of Excellence

In 1970, when Stephen and I moved to College Park, GA from Connecticut, we knew we were going to start a business but were not quite sure which direction we would pursue.  We decided to name the business Paragon Systems, Inc. because “parag... [Read More]

Inspired by Beads in All Shapes

 “Power is not something we often associate with kindness, but in truth kindness is the source of the greatest and most lasting power – the power to change lives.” is a quote Tamara (Tammy) Ermer Plante found a calendar September 6, 1997 and ... [Read More]

The Artist’s Way

In the Beginning GETTING THE PLAIN WHITE inserts from her mother’s new hosiery packages were a particular delight for Ginger Lou Fulton as a child. They were blank canvases her. “I started out with pencils and lined writing paper,” she ... [Read More]

Carl Ulysess on Dressing the Black Panther

From Black Panther’s opening scene, costume tailor Carl Ulysses’ influence is felt as a young T’Chaka miraculously appears at the doorstep of his lawless brother, N’Jobu. The confrontation is set in modern-day California, but the warrior’s ... [Read More]

Real Talk Kim is Keeping it Real

Before this interview, the last time I’d seen or spoken to Kimberly Jones Pothier was when I saw her at Lennox Mall taking a break at Starbucks. I thought I was dreaming when I saw her because the Kimberly I knew was happily married, living in ... [Read More]

Taking the Fear out of Police Authority for Children

You don’t have to be a Riverdale resident to feel the residual effects of losing a leader like Major Gregory E. Barney, who was killed February 11, 2016 in the line of duty. His presence was also felt–and missed–throughout Riverdale ... [Read More]

Dreaming BIG with Tameka West, Esq.

If there was ever a wrong that, Tameka West, Esq. could right it would be INEQUALITY, “Because everyone should be provided with the same opportunities in life!” she exclaims. Growing up in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Ms. West witnessed and faced ... [Read More]

How Reginald Hudlin Helped the Black Panther

The Black Panther Has Arrived by way of Reginald Hudlin's blockbuster movie, MARSHALL! NO MATTER WHAT SIDE OF THE DEBATE you fall on, we’ve all seen racism up close and personal in some way, shape, or form. But it’s usually not the ... [Read More]

Todd Briske: Wired about Art and Life

Whether you consider yourself a connoisseur or just someone who loves unique handmade jewelry, you have probably seen some version of Todd Briske’s work displayed in department stores, art galleries, and/or homes without ever realizing that its ... [Read More]