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The Original Tim Duncan

Tim Duncan is in his fourth year as Director of Athletics at Clayton State University and despite the massive success of the many athletic programs at CSU before and during his tenure, you’d think the former sports marketer and Division I basketball player would be able to relax a bit. “My time has passed by very, very quickly,” said Duncan of his ... [Read More]

Starr’s Mill High Band Members Honored as All-Americans

More national attention is being focused on band members from Starr’s Mill High as two of them ... [Read More]

Work and Your Healthy Heart

OUR LIVES ARE VERY BUSY, SOMETIMES BUSIER THAN we’d like. We try to jam 36 hours into a 24-hour ... [Read More]

Protecting Your Identity

The credit card industry seems to be growing at an unprecedented rate. According to some statisti... [Read More]

Dressing for Business Success

MANY COMPANIES HAVE STARTED IMPOSING DRESS codes, so when shopping keep in mind keep in mind any ... [Read More]

The Artist’s Way

In the Beginning GETTING THE PLAIN WHITE inserts from her mother’s new hosiery packages were a ... [Read More]

Carl Ulysess on Dressing the Black Panther

From Black Panther’s opening scene, costume tailor Carl Ulysses’ influence is felt as a young ... [Read More]

StockBridge, Georgia a City Divided

On May 8, 2018, Governor Nathan Deal signed Senate Bills 262 and 263, which proposes de-annexing ... [Read More]

East Point’s Advocate, Jannquell Peters, ESQ.

The City of East Point sprawls across thirteen miles in South Fulton County and includes over ... [Read More]

A Quiet Hero, Honoring a Freedom Rider

Freedom Rider, Dr. Pauline Knight-Ofosu, Rhode a Bus Into American History “I used to say we ... [Read More]