The Last Local Journalist, Robin Kemp

::: Photo By SeQuoya Robinson ::: Robin Kemp slumped in a chair at the Fig Tree Café on a rainy afternoon, an untouched latte getting cool on the table. “I’m overworked and I’m tired,” she said. “I don’t take the time to shower ... [Read More]

Meet Teleah Greene, The King Maker

::: Photo By Rich Greene ::: South Atlanta Magazine (SAM) is thrilled to introduce Mrs. Teleah Greene as the newly appointed Senior Vice President and Executive Managing Editor. With her exceptional entrepreneurial prowess, she brings a fresh ... [Read More]

Exploring Mental Health in the Black Community with Dr. Spirit

::: Photo By Rich Greene ::: Mental health holds a significant place in our overall wellbeing, encompassing social, psychological, and emotional aspects of our lives. For the Black community, addressing mental health has become an increasingly ... [Read More]

The Wonder in a Little Girl’s Eyes, Rhonda Burnough Creates a Museum Celebrating African-American Families and Pioneers in Clayton County

::: Photo By Nathan Pearcy ::: It was the sparkling light that Rhonda Burnough saw in a young seven-year-old girl’s eyes that sparked an idea to honor the African-American experience in Clayton County. The young girl, her step-granddaughter ... [Read More]

The Journey of Dan Stone, and His Impact within the Atlanta Creative Scene

::: Photos Courtesy of Dan Stone ::: Like many things we experience in life, art is a quest. It is a continuous exploration of inspiration, celebration, and style. Art exemplifies the human experience. Art encompasses all of our hardships, ... [Read More]

Catching Up with K’La Inman: Social Media Influencer & Queen of Content

::: Photo By Rich Greene ::: Upon meeting K’la Inman, this writer realized just how much she'd been oblivious to the world of social media influencers. It seemed like she’d been living in seclusion on Mars. Nevertheless, she was absolutely ... [Read More]

Tiffanie Barriere: ‘The Drinking Coach’ Offers a Refreshing Perspective On Bartending

::: Photo By Jose Pereiro ::: Growing up in a nurturing family environment where social drinking brought joy and connection, Tiffanie’s journey into mixology was influenced by fond memories of laughter-filled family gatherings. She learned the ... [Read More]

Art for Everyone, Atlanta’s High Museum has moved from exclusivity to inclusivity

::: Photos By Cat Max Photography ::: Seven years ago, Randall Suffolk came to Atlanta’s High Museum of Art with the goal of opening the museum’s doors to the city’s expanding and diverse population. Alongside the “old friends,” as he ... [Read More]

G. Simone Parker, the Acronologist

::: Photos By Richard A. Evans ::: The name Simone means “one who hears” in ancient Hebrew, so it’s not surprising that Simone G. Parker has spent her entire career listening to the creative possibilities of language. As the wife of ... [Read More]