PUSH: Press Until Something Happens

Article by · July 26, 2023

:::: Photo By Mandela Huff ::::

IN THE VAST AND EVER-EVOLVING REALM OF social media, the phenomenon of going viral has given birth to numerous internet sensations. One such sensation is the enigmatic skater known as “Push.” With his mesmerizing roller-skating moves and charismatic presence, Push has captured the hearts of millions worldwide. However, beyond the glitz and glamour of internet fame lies a story of passion, family, and an unexpected profession that has shaped the life of this Atlanta native.

   The journey of Push began around three to four years ago when a video of him roller-skating effortlessly at Cascade Skate Rink in Atlanta exploded on Twitter. Within a couple of hours, the video amassed a staggering 2 million views, and in just a few weeks, it skyrocketed to 29 million. The video featured a group of women from Memphis, cousins and best friends, who happened to record Push’s performance, unknowingly igniting his path to internet stardom.

   Born and raised in Atlanta, Push, whose real name is Kyle Dutcher, had been skating since childhood. It all started during his summer daycare days when he would visit the skating rink for field trips. However, it wasn’t until he faced a personal struggle, divorce, and the responsibility of being a single father to his young daughter that he rediscovered his passion for skating. With a newfound determination, Push delved into the world of adult skating, immersing himself in the diverse styles that Atlanta’s melting pot offered. “At first all I did was watch other people skate and then the last 30 to 40 minutes of the night, I’d skate” he reflects.

Across the nation, different regions showcase their unique skating styles. “ Different parts of the region skate differently. Chicago’s JB style [characterized by skating to stepping music], Ohio’s soulful moves, and Detroit’s wheel-sliding and big stoppers, each city has it own distinct style”. Push considers his style a culmination of these influences, making Atlanta a mecca for diverse skaters.

   Despite being one of the few white skaters in the predominantly African-American skating community, Push faced few issues. The skating culture embraced everyone who shared a passion for the art, creating a close-knit family where people supported and encouraged each other. Push cherishes the camaraderie and refers to his fellow skaters as his “skate fam.” “I Love running into my skating family. We see each other in the store or at a light and scream, ‘Yell, hey skate fam’”. It is this sense of community that strengthens his bond with skating and inspires him to keep pushing new boundaries.

   However, beyond the glimmering lights of skating stardom, Push (Kyle) has another surprising passion – tree-climbing which happens to be his ‘9-to-5’ job. In an entirely different realm, Push works in the tree service industry. He co-owns SCS Tree Services based in Woodstock, GA. He has been a profession for 15 years. With expertise in diagnosing and cutting trees, he treats tree surgery as an art form, akin to Mr. Miyagi’s meticulous pruning of bonsai trees in the movie Karate Kid.

Behind the dazzling moves and magnetic charm of Push lies a personal battle with severe anxiety caused by acute Tourette syndrome. Push’s journey to success has not been without challenges, and his triumph over this condition is a testament to his resilience and determination.

Tourette and PUSH
Tourette Syndrome is a neurological disorder characterized by involuntary movements and vocalizations called tics. These tics can be sudden, repetitive, and difficult to control, often causing significant distress and discomfort. Push was diagnosed with the condition at the tender age of 14, which added an extra layer of complexity to his life.

    Even amid the spotlight of his rising internet fame, Push faces the constant struggle of managing his anxiety. His Tourette can cause tics to worsen, especially during moments of nervousness or heightened stress. He shared an incident on his way to an interview where his nerves kicked in, triggering a series of tics, some of which affected his breathing. “Today on the way over here, I felt my  anxiety and breathing get short. I am good now but I did feel the tics”. It is a reminder that behind the confident persona lies a person facing his own internal battles.

   Push has encountered others with more severe cases of Tourette, including the wife of one of his employees. This firsthand experience with different levels of the condition allows him to empathize with those who share similar struggles. It is this empathy that strengthens his connection with others, both on and off the skating rink.

He likens Tourette to having an itch that cannot be satisfied with a scratch. It’s an apt analogy that captures the relentless nature of the condition, its unpredictability, and its ability to influence various aspects of his life. Despite this constant challenge, Push’s commitment to his passions, including skating and tree-climbing, remains unwavering. His story is a reminder that each individual carries their unique battles, and it is through perseverance, empathy, and passion that we can rise above adversities.

  Push’s profound connection with nature and the earth has instilled in him a belief in grounding oneself by walking barefoot outside. This outdoorsman’s approach to life guides him not only in his tree-climbing endeavors but also in his skating. Both activities require a deep understanding of one’s surroundings and the ability to harmonize with nature’s rhythm.


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    Wanda Feltus

    The “Real Push”, I’ve been watching you skate since the “ATL movie”. You are the G.O.A.T of skatelyfe, so laid back and content on the floor, it’s clear that skating is your medicine for what you’re enduring. Stay strong and sexy “silver fox”!

  • comment-avatar

    Irish a.k.a MsPisces

    Back in the day…late 70s early 82 my husband and I skated all the time…Leland Lanes skate & Bowling alley in Alabama…it was a great past time or a good late night date spot…skating relaxed me and kept my anxiety calm…middle 80s my kids dawned the Rollerblades…PUSH you’re a great inspiration…The videos are awesome and you glide so smooth with the sexy put in the moves…Much Skate Love to you always…

  • comment-avatar

    Brenda O'Neal

    Thank you for skating abilities, but most of all thank you for giving people hope who suffer from this syndrome. Thank you for being honest. Thank you for being a great single dad. May God bless you and keep you. A great role model.

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    Christine Davis - Black

    I’ve been a fan since a few years ago when a friend of mine showed me the “Glide with me” video. It reignited the love I used to have for skating, next to riding on the Harley, that was a feeling of freedom and expression.
    I didn’t know anything at all about the guy in the video until recently, and still didn’t know much until this article, it really hit home for me, as I also have crippling anxiety, and also have been diagnosed with PTSD, those two things alone affect every aspect and facet of my life, but I’m not going to let it get the best of me. I’m going to”PUSH” through it and find my peace again. Thank you Push, for the inspiration and for sharing your story

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    Very inspiring story. I work as an academic advisor at Tallahassee Community College with college stude ts with exceptionalities, not disabiliies. Push is very very talented. He is the reason I picked up my skates again.

  • comment-avatar

    Sherri Brockel

    Thank you for sharing your story, your time and yourself. Keep “pushing”

  • comment-avatar

    Lori Berger

    I’m a huge fan of Push. What an extraordinary talented skater. I love watching his moves. What a handsome, smart, intelligent man. Keep up the amazing moves and never stop. Your breath taking and amusing to watch… Love you…

  • comment-avatar

    Karen Washington

    Thank you Push for overcoming your fear and sharing your story. I found you on tic tok one night. Watching you skate is relaxing for me. I hope to meet you one day.

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    Tracy McKenzie

    As a huge fan of Push the more I learn about him the more I admire and see past the fame. His heart and passion as a HUMAN shows and inspires people with hope that you can be and do anything you want if you just P.U.S.H. A wonder testimony and the “world’s sexiest vanilla man on wheels”!! Keep pushing and shining for the world to see using your gift and healing in the process!

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    Donna Barth

    Always look forward to see your Push videos. Your amazing on the wheels ! God bless you

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    Taunya Thompson

    Your story was EPIC!it actually brought tears of joy.Its doesn’t matter what skin color you are, or disability,man look at you Now!Your skating ability is off the chain very smooth n lm a fan.keep up the good work lm so
    proud of u.

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    Vicki Sizemore-Baldwin

    I am a big fan of Push. The more I read about him the better I appreciate his style and art.

  • comment-avatar

    Melissa Paden

    We never know what someone is going through or been through. Keep Pushing Push love your style. Poetry in motion

  • comment-avatar

    Your skating gives me joy and nostalgia. I loved my custom skates with blue and yellow Brook’s tennis shoes, yellow wheels and blue toe stoppers. I felt so free skating in middle school. Wish I’d continued. Thanks for spreading happiness! You are so fun to watch.

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    I admired you and your skating before I knew about the tourette. But admire you even more now for your strength and determination.

  • comment-avatar


    Thank you for sharing your journey.
    Keep pushing forward and thank you for your post. I enjoy watching you skate. I wish I could skate with you one day. May God continue to keep blessing you. ❤️

  • comment-avatar

    Stephanie Curtis

    Outstanding work. Skating with a purpose. Keep pushing the message in your very special way.

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    Keep on pushing you sexy thing lol love watching you..

  • comment-avatar

    Cindy Robinson

    We all have some type of imperfection, some visible some not. Who we are, how we see ourself & who we surround ourselves with in our journey will be our cure to peace and harmony. We were all created perfect, define perfect… Something to ponder ♥️

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    Lisa Ann

    Huge fan of watching Push skate! I also have a neurological disorder (dystonia). Great article!!

  • comment-avatar

    Karlene Brown

    I couldn’t tell you have Tourette’s syndrome. You’re so smooth on the skates. Continue to inspire our youths so they can be more active❤️

  • comment-avatar

    Deborah Shaw

    You are absolutely amazing. Continue to educate people with the information you have presented. You don’t realize the lives you have touched.

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    Keep on pushing, can’t stop now. You’ve got the strength, and it don’t make sense, not to keep on pushing. Curtis Mayfield

  • comment-avatar

    Leslie Rudolph

    I love seeing this man takes his tourette syndrome and skate sexuality shows how sxy he has brought to skating if push can do it so can you good luck

  • comment-avatar

    What a great testimony to resilience and passion! He is also pure joy to watch skating…poetry in motion.

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    Thanks 4 writing that piece on Push..helps us to learn a little bit more about the man on the skates

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