The Business of Change According to Lincoln Parks

Article by · September 6, 2018

Every business owner and entrepreneur can attest to the importance of being able to change. Not just to change, but to be successful through the change. Lincoln Parks’ personal and professional journey speaks to his strength and adaptability in distressing circumstances. 

    Growing up, Lincoln’s father owned his own construction company, and his mother was a schoolteacher. At the age of 15, Parks lost his mother to cancer and recalls, “My mother told me to NEVER let anyone tell you that you could not do something, and I take that to heart today. During my sophomore year in high school I had a choice to either take woodworking or computers. My guidance counselor did not think I was equipped to take the computer course because she felt it would be over my head, she strongly recommended that I take the woodworking class or else I would fail miserably.” Even though he was discouraged at the thought of taking a computer class, his mother’s advice returned to him and compelled him to proceed. He continues, “Needless to say, when someone challenges me, I take it to heart. I negotiated my way into the computer course and realized that I truly loved it. This lead me to my passion for computers and then into how the computer and software play a role in marketing. I soon realized that marketing helps consumers and businesses make decisions, and I fell in love with the challenge of Marketing to B2B and B2C worlds.”

    Parks business journey started as most entrepreneurs. He worked a full-time job and spent his off-time working on his dream. “As long as I can remember,” he recalls, “I’ve always had a side business while I was in corporate America, but I don’t think becoming a business owner was totally realized until I was kicked out of corporate America. So, maybe I didn’t have the courage to go out on my own, I was literally forced out. However, I believe the preparation from having a part-time business prepared me for the opportunity when it would become my full-time passion.”

    He immediately began to serve the community in Henry County after his employment ended: “One of the first things I did when I was laid off 7 years ago was to join the Henry County Chamber of Commerce and just get involved. I volunteered in most cases and got to know so many people, it’s really what has helped shaped the course of my business today.”

    Lincoln’s passion has been highlighted in multiple positive client testimonials and stellar reviews for his business Web Mobile Fusion. His customers are genuinely pleased with his in-depth knowledge and results. Web Mobile Fusion is a South Atlanta digital agency that specializes in mobile, local, and web solutions. 

   Having the right mindset in any situation can move one’s business dreams to reality, Lincoln has found: “I’ve learned persistence and patience pays off. If you continue to do the mundane, but continue to move forward positively every day, your dreams will come through. It’s only because people Stop when it gets difficult that they never finish or succeed. Push through it, and make your dreams come true.”

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