Confidence Is Your Success

Article by · January 16, 2018

Entrepreneurs need strength, courage, and resilience. There are guaranteed challenges and failures, so prepare yourself. Many businesses don’t survive the first two years, but you don’t have to be a statistic. Confidence is a necessary trait for an entrepreneur. You must believe in yourself before anyone else can believe in you. Much like super powers, your business expertise will make unbelievable things happen.

If no one can get the job done, you can.

If anyone is great at this, you are.

If anyone can increase their revenue, you can.

The first step to success is believing you are a success.

Confidence will give you the courage you need to believe you can get it done, and do so. Eliminate the overwhelming feelings of fear will feel like releasing the anchor. Remove yourself from the permissive place that allows you to play small. Expose your gifts and passions for the greatness that you are. When will the right time be if it isn’t right now? How will you grow if you never try to plant your seeds of excellence?

The role of confidence plays an integral part in everything required to start a business and grow it to success. Business confidence is not just an attitude, but a way of being. You must develop a growth mindset that allows you to experience the entrepreneur journey and grow. When you are firm in your convictions and have a clear understanding of your why, pitching your business ideas is easy. The ideas flow effortless. So, how do you increase your confidence and decrease your fear? Here are helpful tips to guide you:

Dress the part. First impressions last. When you carry yourself, do so in a way of competency, knowledge, and skills. Hold a high regard for yourself and hold your head up high. It’s not about wearing thousand dollar outfits or sporting a stylish do (although that’s cool too). It’s more about choosing the right clothing for your brand and the occasion.

Posture is everything. People feel assured when talking to someone who looks confident in what they’re doing. Slouching is a complete no-no. Be interested and interesting. Raise your chin slightly and roll those shoulders back. Try to extend your spine as well as your neckline. Standing tall gives the impression of power and confidence–and it will radiate to anyone you communicate with.

Develop a growth mind-set. Starting a business will put you in many challenging situations. Understand that in each step there is a lesson to be learned, especially from your failures. Don’t shy away from the challenges. Be open to learning, sharing, and growing. Increase the positive feelings by showing gratitude, doing random acts of kindness, and celebrating your small wins. It’s all progress. It makes sense to hire experts to help, you can’t do it all. When optimism becomes a habit, it will power up your confidence.

Keep your eye on the prize. Don’t be easily intimidated when plans do not materialize or when goals do not go as planned. It happens. One can easily lose their confidence level when focus is shifted to things outside of our control. Instead, focus on how you can improve once you know better. The key is to focus on your goal and take action daily–and adjust the plan as you go.

Self-care is your SUCCESS. Be mindful of balancing your time and prioritizing your self-care. Burnout can happen very fast if you don’t manage your time and your peace. It’s important to schedule things for you. And don’t overlook the obvious–sleep, hydrate, food, exercise, and fun! Always take time to have fun and engage with others. Investing time with loved ones and cultivating a hobby helps in shaping up your sense of collaboration and relationship-building–two of the most crucial aspects in business.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Confident people are never afraid to ask for help, admit they don’t know, or seek other opinions. Be it from a trusted mentor, a friend, or a previous work colleague, seeking out an objective opinion will help you see the situation from another perspective. It’s important to identify a mentor, a sponsor, and a coach early on. A group of trusted advisors is invaluable.