Chanel B. is the only Chanel You Need to Know

Article by · May 4, 2023

::: Photo By Sequoya Robinson :::

Chanel B’s love for singing started when she was a toddler. 

“I knew that I was a singer from a very early age.”. I always felt music inside me”. 

    As Chanel got older she participated in every talent show she could find, including a mall show where she had to learn a Beyoncé song and ended up winning despite forgetting some of the lyrics.

   Laughingly she says,“I remember how upset my mother was because I’d forgotten those lyrics.  However, the judges didn’t seem to mind, they voted me as the winner anyway”.

   That day, something clicked in Chanel.  “When both my mother and grandmother said, “Chanel it seems like you just sing to sing, you have to start feeling what you’re singing. That conversation sparked a huge change in me”. 

   After that conversation, she began to listen to songs for understanding, to capture the essence of what the lyrics conveyed. 

   From that point forward, Chanel sang, no matter the genre, whether it was Gospel or R&B, she took care to tone and versatility in her voice. “They way my voice made people feel gave me an all time high and an understanding of what music meant to me and what it did for my listeners. 

In the 10th grade, Chanel B landed a big role in a musical    
   “Leader of the Pack” and played Darlene Love. The play was a huge success and sold out for three nights straight.

Around this time, Chanel B’s mother signed her up for American Idol, which required her to fly to Chicago from Rochester, New York. 

   Despite missing practices for her play, she auditioned at Soldier Field Stadium, where she had to sleep outside with hundreds of other contestants. And when it was her turn to audition, her mother and some [newly found] friends were amazed at how they could hear her voice from so far the other side of the stadium. Unfortunately, Chanel B did not make it through the audition.

   Thank goodness that rejection and disappointment did not stop her from pursuing her passion for singing. When she was told that American Idol was not looking for her genre, she was understandably upset and even considered giving up. 

   “I remember calling my grandmother upset. Her words to me were, “God has something bigger for you. You don’t need to be tied down with a title from a contest”.

   With that encouragement, Chanel B realized that she didn’t need to be recognized by a show or competition to continue pursuing her dreams.

   Undeterred, her mother then signed her up for The Voice, and when Chanel B moved to North Carolina, she auditioned for X Factor and was chosen as one of 2,000 contestants to audition. From there, she was selected to fly to Colorado and appeared in episodes two and three of the show.

   Even though she did not make the cut for X factor, Chanel still did not give up. Instead, she found other avenues to enhance her career.

   By exploring other creative outlets, Chanel was able to expand her skills and reach new audiences by our suing acting.

   Today, Chanel B is a rising star in the music industry, with a growing fanbase and a bright future ahead. Her story is an inspiration to anyone who has faced obstacles on their path to success and shows that with hard work, perseverance, and a willingness to explore new opportunities, anything is possible.

   Even though she has had a challenging journey to get where she is today, Chanel B has persevered through it all. Her passion for music and singing has never wavered, even when things were tough. It’s great to hear that she has been able to build a following through organic means, which shows that her talent and hard work are paying off.

    It’s also wonderful to hear that she has found love and is planning for a future with her fiancé. 

   As Chanel continues build her career as an all-around entertainer, including acting and appearing on shows like Fatal Attraction. It will be interesting to see where her career takes her next.

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