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Article by · January 16, 2018

Some people view challenges as a negative setback. Ivy Adams views challenges as inspiration.

“Challenges, more than anything else, help to define us as people as well as our personal character. No matter how hard life can get, I believe that while challenges can sometimes distract us, they can also give us hope and inspire us to be better,” she says.

Ivy is a strong, passionate, and confident woman ready to excel and achieve. She understands self-love and the need to share that importance with other women. Ivy is fearless as she walks in her shoes, proudly declaring that every day is her BEST day. She hopes to motivate other women as she revels in her true beauty. “Being a beacon of light to others by simply being apologetically me is my daily aspiration. I am not perfect. I make mistakes and I have flaws like everyone else, but I’ve NEVER met a woman I’d rather be! I love who I am and I love being me.” Ivy rightfully places real value on her happiness. “Once I realized that being happy was an inside job, I never gave anyone that much power over me again.”

Ivy hails from Clermont, Florida from a very strong, supportive family and as a proud mother of two, consistently lifts her children up to encourage them to succeed. The results are undeniable, as both of her sons achieve academic success and are staples on their schools’ honor rolls. “Family is the driving force of my life.” Ivy is a woman who understands the love of God, so she purposefully applies His principles to her daily life. She is also a recent University of Georgia graduate in the Certified Local Government Finance Officer program. Understanding that time is a precious commodity you never get back, Ivy uses her time wisely in multiple business endeavors while also working two jobs.

“I love my life. I have amazing kids. I have amazing friends. I have an amazing family. I have an amazing ability to generate money from multiple sources,” says Ivy. Her perfect getaway would be a trip to Bora Bora, an ideal setting for the writer in her who is inspired by peaceful surroundings and beautiful scenery. Ms. Adams strongly believes in and knows she produces her zest for life by her thoughts and her words. “I am the co-creator of my life by my intentions!”

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