Sabrina Isdell, One of 3 Triple Threat Educators

Article by · March 19, 2018

What is a triple threat teacher?

The answer lies not in can we make our core classes fun again, but more like who do we need that will make, Math…Momentous, Reading…Revolutionary, and Science…Spectacular. The answer lies in a few golden gems who thrive on the challenges of the everyday classroom.

Meet M. E. Stilwell High School’s Sabrina Isdell, guru of all things that begin and end with the word life. She is a natural nurturer when it comes to educating her students about science. The iY generation is all about iWatches, iPads, and of course iPhones. This generation is paving the way for the future. With some help of students from Clayton State University and Dr. Francine Norflus, Mrs. Isdell’s science class becomes more than just a subject but rather a science laboratory filled with technology that teaches how to splice a gene. Yes, with the flick of the scalpel with some bacteria cells, students learn to insert foreign DNA into a cell and produce a new trait in that cell.

“In Ms. Isdell’s class we enjoy the hands-on activities, and she encourages us to problem solve and connect our daily world.”, says, Nate Walters. These students with artistic minds and capabilities, usually associate this genetic splicing lesson with significant mixologist/DJs of their time. They splice varied genres of music together to form an entirely new sound. The sounds of science, nothing less than spectacular on every level.

The adage “do as I say and not as I do” no longer applies to teaching and learning in the 21st Century. Students want proof, they want to know how things happen and if you do not know, you better Google it.

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