Inspired by Beads in All Shapes

Article by · July 1, 2018

 “Power is not something we often associate with kindness, but in truth kindness is the source of the greatest and most lasting power – the power to change lives.” is a quote Tamara (Tammy) Ermer Plante found a calendar September 6, 1997 and have kept the actual calendar page all these years.  The author is unknown.
   Like kindness, art for Tammy is lasting power, designing jewelry as an art form in particular. Creating jewelry is something that she loves doing and it thrills her when someone wears a piece that she created.
   “Putting the colors, patterns and different textures together is fun. Beads of all shapes and sizes inspire me and I usually don’t know what a piece is going to look like until it’s complete.” she says.
   While her art form is jewelry, all forms of Art bring her joy.  Plante says, “Art isn’t only created by people it’s everywhere one looks. The different shades of grass, the mountains, clouds, flowers, these are all masterpieces that inspire me to create jewelry or paint a wall an unusual color.”
   As an artist Tammy trusts her instincts, follows her passion and believes in herself, she loves nature and is inspired by her family. Added to these, community service is one of Tammy’s other great loves. This is why she is a member of the Henry County Moose Lodge. Being a member of this organization affords Tammy the opportunity to serve children whose parents are unable to care for them, be it a drug issue, financial or illness. The children are cared for in a family/home environment.
   When asked what her favorite piece of art is, she replies, “This is a difficult question to answer.” The assumption can be made that because everything is art, asking such a question is to difficult.