Gerrian Hawes

PUSH: Press Until Something Happens

:::: Photo By Mandela Huff :::: IN THE VAST AND EVER-EVOLVING REALM OF social media, the phenomenon of going viral has given birth to numerous internet sensations. One such sensation is the enigmatic skater known as “Push.” With his mesmer... [Read More]

Myrna White: A Journey of Dedication and Growth at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta Airport

:::: Photo By LeVonn 'Lyfe' Brown :::: IN THE BUSTLING CORRIDORS OF HARTSFIELD JACKSON Atlanta Airport, there exists a story of resilience, dedication, and growth embodied by Myrna White. Starting as a temporary employee back in 1991, Myrna’s ... [Read More]

Catching Up with K’La Inman: Social Media Influencer & Queen of Content

::: Photo By Rich Greene ::: Upon meeting K’la Inman, this writer realized just how much she'd been oblivious to the world of social media influencers. It seemed like she’d been living in seclusion on Mars. Nevertheless, she was absolutely ... [Read More]

Michelle Sneed’s Great New Venture:A Few Good Women Productions

While she never dreamed of having her own company, she had an innate curiosity about the behind-the-scenes professionals who brought big film productions to life.    Hailing from the small town of Inkster, Michigan, Sneed had questions ... [Read More]

Meet Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey’s Master Blender and Direct Descendent, Victoria Eady-Butler

:::: Photo Courtesy of Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey :::: It’s incredible to learn about Nearest Green’s legacy and his impact on the Tennessee whiskey industry. Despite the obstacles he faced as an enslaved Black man, Nearest’s skill and ... [Read More]

The Incomparable Cynia Elise

::: Photo By Gerrian Hawes ::: From the very first time she held a microphone in her hand and sang Away In A Manger, Cyniah Elise knew that she could sing. “Surprisingly, I have known since the age of 2 that I would be a singer”, she says. ... [Read More]

Serving Up Love with Torey Shelton

::: Photo By Richard A. Evans ::: I first interviewed Torey Shelton, August 2021. That day he’d prepared Lobster Curry, mixed vegetables, and Jasmine rice. The sweetness and brininess of the lobster meat gave a contrast to the spiciness of the ... [Read More]

Just Do It

::: Photo By SeQuoya Robinson ::: In the first few months as the new CEO and President at Southern Regional Medical Center, Ela Lena transformed the working environment from “what do I do?” to “just do it.”     “I walk ... [Read More]

Exploring the Great Outdoors

::: Photo By LeVonn Brown ::: The state of Georgia is located in the southeastern region of the United States, bordered by South Carolina to the northeast, North Carolina to the east, Tennessee to the north, Alabama to the west, and Florida to ... [Read More]