SRMC is Rehabbing You to Get Back to Work

Article by · September 6, 2018

MAKING THE MOST OF EVERY DAY IS WHAT we strive for in life, but when life throw’s you a curve ball that affects your body every day can be a challenge. That’s where Southern Regional’s Outpatient Rehabilitation Services can help and get you back on the right path. Whether you’re a weekend warrior who sustained an injury or are coping with the after-effects of a heart attack or stroke, there are a multitude of programs to help you make great strides toward getting you back to “you.”

   “When you struggle to do an everyday task that just days or weeks before was routine, you can become overwhelmed and feel challenged,” explains Tamala Harris, Director of Rehabilitation at Southern Regional Medical Center. “Our program focuses on each individual – their condition, their support system, their life demands – and develops a personalized plan to get them back to enjoying the life they know.”

   The rehabilitation center at the hospital is like a fully equipped gym with treadmills, weight equipment for upper and lower extremities, recumbent bikes, equipment for upper and lower body strengthening. Of course, there’s specialty equipment for traction, ultrasounds and Estim (electrical stimulation), and VitalStim (speech therapy). All sessions are one-on-one so that each individual is focused on throughout their therapy process. 

   “All you need to get started is a referral from your physician,” states Harris, “and you’re off to an evaluation with one of our licensed therapists who will develop your individualized plan of care. Each patient’s plan of care is coordinated with the physician and the patient’s insurance to ensure that we fully optimize their program.”

   A team approach is utilized to develop a plan of care, pulling in a variety of therapists and specialists who work collectively on creating the best plan for each patient. All therapists are licensed, and the hospital employs an LSVT (Lee Silverman Voice Treatment) certified therapist who works specifically with patients with Parkinson’s disease and other neurological disorders and creates intensive voice therapy programs to improve voice and speech.

   Southern Regional’s Outpatient Rehabilitation offers a full complement of services, programs, and clinics to cover a variety of patient needs, including:

  Physical and Occupational Therapy

  Speech Therapy

  Cardiac Rehab Therapy

  Neurological Therapy

  Sports Medicine Rehabilitation

  Wheelchair Clinic

  Lymphedema Program for excessive limb swelling

  Vestibular and Falls Clinic to work on balance issues

  Dysphagia Therapy for difficulty swallowing (stimulate vocal chords)

  Parkinson’s Disease Therapy 

  Adaptive Equipment Training Program 

  Activities of Daily Living Re-Training Program

   Regardless of your ability or challenge, rehabilitation can move you on a positive path to recovery. Through the combination of the patient’s determination and individual effort and the therapist guiding them through each step of their individualized program, patient’s have realized tremendous improvements. 

    Southern Regional’s Outpatient Rehabilitation is located on the first floor of the main hospital for easy access. Patients can utilize the free valet parking that will put them just outside the doors to the rehab center.