The Business of Serving Brand Image

Article by · December 16, 2018

In this rapidly evolving Internet age, online appearances are just as important as physical appearances branding expert and strategist, Lydia Pierre can tell you. The Brooklyn born, Henry County resident has spent over 12 years helping small business owners, entrepreneurs, and companies create and manage their brand with Public Relations, Marketing, and Advertising. As a business owner herself, this serial entrepreneur effortlessly manages her brand as an individual and her vision with her brand management and communications

firm. In 2014 she transitioned from her role as Director of Communica- tions at the Henry County Chamber of Commerce to evolve PBG.

Her firm, Pierre Branding Group or PBG acts as not only a firm but it also houses affiliations with local talent such as graphic designers, vid- eo producers, digital consultants, image consultants, event planners, and more. Pierre understands the importance of working with people in busi- ness. “I found the courage to launch Pierre Branding Group because of the many amazing relationships I have been able to cultivate throughout my time in Georgia. I am learning that you can’t do this all by yourself. You MUST surround yourself with people who believe in you and your vision, who can also support your vision with a belief in themselves and what be- ing a part of your vision can do to support their own vision. Then it will work. It has to… for everyone.”

Initially, a consultant for the beauty industry, Lydia expanded her brand Ur Beauty Liaison to PBG in 2011to serve industries such as beauty, fash- ion, entertainment, lifestyle and sports. PBG also has clients in the corpo- rate and non-profit sectors. Ms. Pierre has been active in the business com- munity in South Atlanta since 2012. She currently serves as the Vice Chair of the Board of Directors for Family Support Circle, Inc. and is also active with the One Henry Arts & Leisure Subcommittee and the Henry Arts Alliance with the latter sharing goals to improve quality of life, initiate interest in Southern Crescent and stimulate economic growth. Lydia is a proud brand ambassador for The Gift of H.O.P.E (Haiti Opportunities for Partners in Education) campaign by the non-profit Family Support Circle, Inc. to raise funds to build a school in Cayes, Haiti. “Being Haitian myself, I have had several friends and close family members who have shared with me what it was like growing up in Haiti as a student, and how they had to come to America to further their studies and explore new opportunities.”

Lydia credits philanthropy as a huge part of her success. “Community service is important to me because being able to make a difference and im- pact where you are is huge. Not to mention it helps with developing skills, making contacts, and to improving the quality of life of others. It has also helped to let others see my various skill sets and abilities which translates into credibility, trust and loyalty to my personal brand. It has also helped position me as a community leader and influencer.”

Pierre is a multifaceted creative as she is also an accomplished media per- sonality and author of “The Art Of Branding: A Simple & Practical Guide to Understanding the Branding Process.” She keeps her iron sharp and active by mastering the duplicity of her strengths. “Creators are never fully sat- isfied. No matter what I do, I feel like I can always be better. That part of me is determined to change the game for good. Now the administrative, professional side… is the side who has overcome the odds, worked hard, focused, fulfilled on her word. She can tackle a problem and never give up, no matter how challenging.” Pierre is clear on her vision and the origin of her drive. “The visionary in me wants to make the world a place full of happy people who can be exactly who they want to be. It’s like that part of me feels like nothing can stop me from making a positive difference to other people’s lives.”

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