The Eternal Optimist

Article by · February 21, 2019

I’m very optimistic. I always see the glass as half full rather than half empty”, chimes Chivonne Flemming, a budding serialpenuer here in the Southern Crescent.
   As the owner of two businesses, one nonprofit, and her personal brand, Chivonne knows what it means to take adversity and turn it into opportunity. “Amazing Business Concepts was birthed in 2009 with my mother’s battle with colon rectal cancer. At the time, I was employed at a family owned real estate firm but knew that I needed to be home with my mother. However, my employer would not accommodate my request to telecommute a few days a week and neither would they meet me in the middle. So I gave a two weeks notice and launched Amazing Business Concepts (ABC). My initial vision was to become a virtual assistant with the hope of supplementing a portion of my income. I would have never dreamed of what the business has actually become. Amazing Business Concepts staffs client’s offices with complete administrative and project management support. We also sub contract on government projects.”
Blue Boutique and Studio, LLC was born after the sudden death of Chivonne’s late husband Jacolbe Fleming, while on vacation in Bermuda in 2018. “We’d discussed the idea of creating a shopping experience in our community. A place where ladies can come, relax, let their hair down and enjoy themselves, right here on the south side of Atlanta. My prayer is that my community has the same passion for Blue as I for them”, says Chivonne.
  Upon her return back to the states it was priority to execute and dedicate the boutique to Jacolbe by hosting the grand opening and ribbon cutting on his birthday. “I went against the popular vote of friends and family by choosing to open my boutique in Jonesboro because it isn’t considered centrally located, or in a prime location; however, it’s near where I grew up and attended high school, my community.”
   The Chivonne Noel Brand is the vehicle the Fleming uses to channel her pain into purpose. As an empowerment speaker, she shares her story of perseverance with others hoping to encourage and empower them with a message of resilience.
One of Chivonne’s favorite Bible verses tells us that we can (accomplish) do all things through Christ. She says that her greatest accomplishment was becoming an adoptive mommy. When she and her husband agreed to adopt (his second cousin) she did not consider how much of a blessing her son would be. But now as a single mother, Fleming realizes that her son is the blessing. With a blessing like that the glass is never empty.

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