Demonstrating Power by Helping Others

Article by · June 18, 2020

The *Coronavirus Pandemic has revealed all of the inadequacies and brokenness of our global power structures and has laid them bare.

With these shortages revealed, we clearly see the obvious change that can be made in our communities when everyday citizens step up.

The 2019 novel (new) coronavirus causes the illness COVID-19.

COVID-19 is a virus that was identified in Wuhan, China, and is now being spread throughout the world.

Since the pandemic hit the country, Georgia has confirmed a little over fifty-seven thousand cases with right at about twenty-four hundred deaths.

For many, the COVID-19 pandemic is a call to action.

Across the state and the country, people are demonstrating their power by helping others. Some are volunteering their time at hospitals and elderly care facilities, while others are donating masks and hand sanitizer to essential workers and others in need of such supplies.

Rita Mittal, the founder of Lend_e-Hand, a volunteer help group formed earlier this year, Lata Chinnan, business owner and community leader, along with Karen Sullivan of Paragon Alarm Systems, joined forces to do their part in helping others stay safe and healthy during the pandemic. On Saturday, June 13, 2020, these friends gathered at Lee Street Park in Jonesboro, GA, to give away masks and hand sanitizer.

Friends Lata Chinnan, Karen Sullivan, and Rita Mittal take time out to demonstrate their power by handing out face masks and hand sanitizers in the community.

“The best way to give back to life and society is to unleash your own potential and create wonderful stories of empathy,” says Rita.

As more and more people answer the call to the brokenness and the inadequacies that COVID-19 has made glaringly apparent, others like these three women will continue to create an ecosystem that promotes healing and harmony.

For more information about Lend_e-Hand and how you can help, follow @Coronadareyou on Facebook.

*According to the Georgia Department of Public, Health Coronaviruses are a large group of viruses that can cause illness in animals and humans. Some coronaviruses commonly circulate in the United States and usually cause upper respiratory symptoms like coughing or runny nose, although some can cause more severe illness.