The Audacity To Have Tenacity

Article by · October 20, 2022

If a force of nature were a person and you looked it up in the dictionary, you would more than likely see a picture of Tammary Scott Dowdell, CEO and Owner of B’Mari Events & Arts Studio. After all, to say or to think of anyone as a force of nature is to define them as full of energy, unstoppable, and unforgettable. Ms. Scott Dowdell has proven her self to be the force of nature that South Atlanta adores.

Like most entrepreneurs, Tammary started her journey as a business owner with little to no resources. She jumped into business … out of corporate America. “I literally did it the way Steve Harvey and all of them say they did it, that was me. I had little money and no business plan”.  She says she didn’t even have the best credit. So even if she needed to get a business loan she couldn’t. 

“I started this business and didn’t even have a name for it,” she admits. 

My mom’s name is Marianna. One day we were in the kitchen and I was cooking and she said, “that is not they way Mama cooks that. I looked at her and said, I got this. 

Her response to me was, “Ok, I am just going to do what I do best, I am going to sit back, eat, drink and be Mari [meaning be herself]. So That is why I spell it M-A-R-I.

Her jump out of Corporate America was more like a shove off the tallest mountain. “My work environment was so hostile that I just had to do something”.

She asserts that even though the job environment was both hostile and toxic, 

the people she served in helping to navigate new employment is why she stayed in the corporate sector for as long as she did. 

“I loved being of service to all of the people who came through those doors. Being able to provide them with solutions they needed was gratifying”. 

Even now with B’Mari she takes pride in providing her clients with the best experience possible by allowing the space to serve as an incubator for other entrepreneurs and local artists.

The Atlanta native says that initially her business was a hobby. “I come from a family party. B’mari started off as catering only because it was a natural transition. Cooking and having people over to our house [sic] when I was younger, was something that was an every day thing. We would have parties just because”. 

Early in her childhood she would dress up in her aunt’s heels and carry a purse as she strutted around the house chanting, “I am a Businesswoman!” 

— Tammary Scott Dowdell

When asked if she realizes the impact of her success, Tammary says, “I guess I don’t feel it like what other people see as my success. I feel like I am just pushing forward. I am just working at it all of the time”.

Tammary’s passion for entrepreneurship & creativity can be traced back to her early childhood when she would dress up in her aunt’s heels and carry a purse as she strutted around the house chanting, “I am a Businesswoman!” 

The success of B’Mari has afforded her power and resources to launch Tenacity Works Inc., a non profit organization.

According to its website, Tenacity Works, Inc. was created to provide interactive career development & life skills strategies for youths & young adults. “People entering and re-entering the job sector get frustrated because they accept jobs that they are unhappy with. They are not aware that when searching for a job that you have to set up the correct parameters on the computer so that the job search will be tailored to specific characteristics”.

The new non profit will also address the needs of soloprenuers and small business owners who, like herself, have been shoved into business with no plan or the resources needed to launch correctly. 

Tammary’s four guiding pillars are to operate in total faith, provide clients with the best experience possible, stay humble & silent when making strategic business moves and always give more than expected.

In addition to her advocacy for small business, she is an active member of the Clayton County Chamber of Commerce, the City of Jonesboro Design Review Commission, The City of Jonesboro Main Street Program and serves as the Event Chair for the Clayton County Federation of Democratic Women. Tammary enjoys time with her son Zymire, volunteering, and adventurous excursions outside of business. 


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    Leavet Scott

    We are so PROUD of your Accomplishments..God Bless!

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    I must say, I genuinely love Tammary’s entire vibe. I’ve hosted events at B’Mari as well as went to a few. When I say being there took me to a space of enlightenment, encouragement and character building, it truly did.

    Tammary has went above and beyond for THE ANKHISH EXPERIENCE, LLC from hosting casting calls to rehearsal. She’s a true rock thats stern and solid and all out of pure love.

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    I Am so proud of you stay focus keep going never give up. I love you forever. Your uncle Robert Scott Jr.

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    Crystal Davis

    A Jewel of A Person With A Heart of Gold!

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