Serving Up Love with Torey Shelton

Article by · May 4, 2023

::: Photo By Richard A. Evans :::

I first interviewed Torey Shelton, August 2021. That day he’d prepared Lobster Curry, mixed vegetables, and Jasmine rice. The sweetness and brininess of the lobster meat gave a contrast to the spiciness of the curry sauce! My mouth could not believe what was happening to it. The dish was bold, spicy, and DELICIOUS!

Chef Tory is the kind of chef we all need as life partners. We all need someone to creatively plan our lives, prepare our food, clean the kitchen, and keep inventory of all things needed to have nutritious meals three times a day.

Tory has fond memories of his family gathering around the table, enjoying delicious meals and good conversation.

“The idea of bringing family together is what made me fall in love with cooking. I remember when I was a kid growing up in Louisiana, my grandmother always cooked. It was something about all of us sharing a meal together”.

Inspired by his childhood experiences, Tory decided to pursue a career as a chef, hoping to bring the same joy and comfort to others. He got his first job at a restaurant when he was sixteen, which cemented his passion for sharing meals with others. When I asked Tory what his favorite meal to prepare was, he couldn’t pick just one. “That’s tough to say,” he told me, “I love preparing food.”

I also asked Tory for his top three tips for preparing meals for loved ones. He said that creativity is key, as cooking is an art that should be done with love and inspiration. He also emphasized the importance of preparation, as taking the time to carefully plan and execute a meal shows respect for the ingredients and the people you’re cooking for. Finally, Tory stressed the importance of cleanliness, both in terms of hygiene and having a pure heart and hands when preparing food. By following these three principles, Tory believes that anyone can create meals that are not only delicious but also meaningful and memorable.

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