Councilwoman Linda Becquer Prichett is Leading South Fulton’s District Seven Towards Transformation

Article by · July 6, 2023


Linda Becquer Pritchett, South Fulton’s district seven councilwoman has emerged as a prominent figure, not only as the district’s council woman but also as a dedicated wife, mother, friend, and community leader. Her leadership qualities and commitment to community have garnered immense support, with over 48% of the district’s voters choosing Pritchett, more than doubling the votes received by her closest contender.

  South Fulton’s growing population of over 108,000 residents in the city, where over 90% are Black, there is a pressing need for proactive and effective community work. Councilwoman Pritchett has taken it upon herself to personally engage in community initiatives, organizing and participating in various activities that aim to bring positive advancements to the city she holds dear. From organizing neighborhood cleanups to implementing infrastructure improvements and addressing traffic issues through the installation of much-needed lights in high-accident areas, she remains dedicated to the ongoing development and growth of the city.

   During the interview with South Atlanta Magazine, Pritchett shared her vision for district seven and elaborated on her involvement in recent positive changes within the district. “My  goal  is  to see a lot of infrastructure projects, road repairs, and development projects in this district.”
   Traffic congestion, dangerous potholes, and the need for updated traffic lights and signs were among the critical issues she addressed, demonstrating her keen understanding of the daily challenges faced by residents throughout the Atlanta Metropolitan area. 

   The councilwoman’s strategic planning and organizational skills have already yielded numerous positive results. One notable achievement is the successful execution of community trash cleanup initiatives, which not only contribute to a cleaner environment but also make the city more attractive to potential residents and businesses. Additionally, the acquisition of a new street sweeper has significantly improved the cleanliness of Old National Highway, making it evident that her efforts are transforming the city’s streetscape for the better.

   Safety on the roads has been a top priority for Pritchett. She has been instrumental in the installation of traffic lights, including the much-needed light at the intersection of Highway 138 and Bethsaida Road, an area notorious for frequent accidents. “It’s going to save lives and the community has wanted it for over ten years now.”
   Councilwoman Pritchett’s tireless efforts to maintain and enhance district seven have not gone unnoticed. The residents are well-informed and actively participate in the development of their district, taking advantage of the accessible resources provided within the community.

   Looking ahead, Pritchett envisions hosting an international farmers market as the next step towards building a stronger community. This event would bring vendors and shoppers together, supporting local companies and stimulating economic growth within the district. By encouraging residents to patronize small local businesses, the aim is to create a unique shopping experience that will attract visitors from other districts as well.

   When asked how the residents of district seven could contribute to the betterment of their community, Councilwoman Pritchett stressed the importance of communication. She welcomes residents to make her aware of any issues or concerns they may have, as their feedback allows her to swiftly address municipal services and other related matters, ensuring their needs are met promptly and effectively.

   As Councilwoman Pritchett continues to fulfill her duties, she remains committed to representing the interests of district seven, both at a district level and on a personal level, advocating for the well-being and progress of the people within the community. With a multitude of upcoming goals and long-term plans, district seven can anticipate positive changes under her leadership

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