For Health’s Sake, Who do you love…

Article by · January 27, 2018

For Health’s Sake, What You Love, Who You Love, and Why You Love, Could Be Affecting Your Health

When you hear the word “Health” more than likely you only think of your physical body. Yet, our emotional health is actually more important. Our emotional health determines the fuel we choose to maintain our physical health. Everyday, scientists are working to understand how our brain affects our food choices, and how our food choices food affect our brain. Exposure to and mind-set towards food greatly impacts our quality of health, but so does how we see ourselves and who we choose to love. When you are mentally healthy, you often possess the self-awareness and self-love needed to make choices that will sustain peace and maintain balance in our lives.

For many of us, especially women, we feel paying attention to ourselves is some sort of violation to those we feel responsible for and owe our time to. We are socialized to seek activities that put others first, and this starts at a very early age. Many nights are spent watching romantic movies that subliminally woo us away from ourselves. Once we have children, we are bound to lose even more of ourselves if we are not aware of our innate right to love ourselves.

This concept of being self-aware is nothing new to men who have built-in support for their self development. Society expects a man to “Know who he is!” From a very young age, men are taught to “Sow their oats,” and are told “boys will be boys.” They are taught to be leaders, to take risks, to develop and explore life on every level. Oddly enough, this level of self-awareness rarely evens out and the man eventually suffers health problems because there is no balance.

Even though women live longer, it’s no wonder the leading cause of death [in the United States] is heart disease. The realization of all the lost dreams, hopes, wishes, and desires come full circle when a health issue arises; oftentimes too late. Time spent reflecting during this period is usually spent with regret. We see all too clearly the error of our ways, desperately hoping it isn’t too late for a chance to turn things around. Mentally healthy people seek balance in their lives. Their focus is primarily on what they can do to maintain emotional stability and physical stamina.

Once you are aware you deserve the best life, you begin to look at yourself in a more loving way. Metacognition (thinking about what you’re thinking about) is the best way to evaluate your feelings and thoughts. If you truly indulge in honest self-reflection you become less judgmental of yourself because in your vulnerable state you realize and learn to accept your own flaws. Therefore; your relationships with others get easier because you are less likely to judge others. It’s hard to judge others when you consistently check yourself. Through prayer, meditation, and right actions, persistently accepting reality will help you learn to adjust instead of react to the matters sure to arise throughout each day. Solid self-soothing techniques, refusing to harbor negative thoughts, and gratitude will take you a long way. Be the love you desire.

Throughout the centuries food has become a must-have companion. No longer is it used to simply sustain life. No matter the occasion, we have turned it into our comforter, companion, cheerleader, therapist, and overall crutch to make it through our daily lives. Food is fuel! Period! Either you are putting in the correct fuel needed to maintain health or you are not. According to the Center for Disease Control 480 million people die from illness and diseases directly related to the foods they ate, with 3,000 dying from contaminated foods. So that means the rest died from foods that went against the core of what their body needed to maintain optimum health.

Our mental ability to regulate our food choices is based not only on choice but also on environment, circumstances, and how well the hormones in our bodies regulate the systems directly related to weight gain or loss. Hypothyroidism and other metabolic diseases can cause weight gain. Testing is needed to determine if one of them can be the cause of unwanted, unhealthy weight gain.

This condition deserves a highlight because it is often the true reason many cannot lose weight. Your thyroid is the organ located in your neck under your chin that sends hormones designed to stimulate the metabolism. With this condition, the thyroid malfunctions and the hormones are not released in the proper intervals or levels and can cause weight gain because the metabolism is central to the rate your body burns the fuel you intake. The condition also causes those who have it to be cold or hot, have brittle nails, see their hair fall out, and depression. Everyone should be tested at some point for this condition.

No matter the circumstances, our ultimate goal should be to determine what foods will make the best use of our body’s energy. Once and again, monitoring our sugar intake insures less inflammation which is the leading cause of many discomforts of the body, especially the joints, pancreas, liver, and kidneys.

As much as we would like to think so, we are not as independent in thought as we would like to believe. Every day we are influenced by others. Our parents are the first to influence us. What we learn from and are taught by them will either serve us or destroy us. It is not about blame. Nature planned it that way. Because humans are the most vulnerable creatures on earth as newborns, nature has provided us with parents who are charged with teaching, guiding, protecting, housing, and feeding us.

You hear over and over again, I will never be like my parents. Catch that same person fifteen years later and they realize that’s all they know. They find themselves doing exactly what their parents did. Because true self-esteem is built by our interpretation of what we perceive others to feel, think, and know about us, we must be careful and make sure it is ultimately our voice that is making the choices that will impact the way we live, what career path we choose, and how we feel about our health. Rest assured if you came from a household where health was not valued, you will struggle to understand the importance of maintaining your mental and physical health. Only you are able to determine whether the influences in your life are profitable and help you maintain a high quality of life.

So many of us harbor beliefs, rituals, habits, thoughts, and expectations we may not have chosen had we not been influenced. Knowing who you are and who you want to become is the answer. You must question your choices. You must question your authenticity. Do not confuse “being nice,” with being “real.” To be “real” you must know who you really are.

Science has proven we transfer liberal particles of ourselves everywhere we go. With this knowledge we must recognize the importance of being aware of whom we share our minds, bodies, and souls with. Our intimate partners are allowed in our hearts and minds. We desire them and their approval. We crave their kiss, their touch, their presence.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having those desires. It is only when the desires propel us to forget who we are, give up on our dreams, ignore aches and pains, and deny our needs that these desires become toxic. When we are not mentally healthy we may be subject to suggestions, persuasion, or coercion. We may feel we will not be loved if we say no or spend time alone.

The only true way to maintain a balanced life is to spend time alone. Through prayer, meditation, and self-reflection come the things dreams are made of. Living in the moment, refusing to fall into the habit of wishing and harboring magical thoughts will allow you to tap into the pure creative nature we all are born with.

Plenty of rest, naps, walks, and exercise allows us to stimulate and rejuvenate. And don’t forget plenty of water–preferably a gallon a day. Since we are over 90% water, our bodies crave and need it to keep our organs lubricated properly so that our vessels remain fluid and useful throughout our time here on this earth.

Who we love should not interfere with loving ourselves. The person we choose to share intimacy with should be accepting of our basic right to be ourselves.

Health is the new wealth and the only true security. If you have your health, you always have a shot to make the grade. We seek safety and comfort but it is only through risk taking and being open to change that we can truly lead healthy, fulfilling lives. Put some living in our life!