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Michelle Sneed’s Great New Venture:A Few Good Women Productions

While she never dreamed of having her own company, she had an innate curiosity about the behind-... [Read More]

Senator Warnock, An Activist’s Activist

Captured in Middle Georgia on January 26, 2022. — by Kevin Lowery, @kevloweryphoto [Read More]

HipHop Royalty KRS-One Opens ‘The Vault’ of Knowledge

The door to the bank vault on the ground floor of 140 Peachtree Street, the location where a photo ... [Read More]

The Weight of the Crown that I Wear

The night before I chopped off my hair, I got nervous.This decision felt bigger than me, given all ... [Read More]

Dr. Karleena Tuggle is Filling the Bariactic Gap in South Atlanta

Obesity in the United States is a significant health issue. Georgia ranked 22 in the nation for ... [Read More]

Let’s Dream Together

In celebration of African American History Month, let’s remind ourselves of ‘The Dream’, ... [Read More]

Queens Mural

Sonia Booker, Founder of Studio House Atlanta and Visionary of Queens Mural along with Terracia ... [Read More]

American, African American, Negropean, Black, Negro

IN THE GOOD OLD DAYS, IF SOMEONE were asked what an American looked like, it is improbable that ... [Read More]

A Highest Attempt of Praise

Pat Burns considers herself a conduit, a tool to be used to create something tangible from the ... [Read More]