Under 40 Spotlight

Article by · May 2, 2021

TaQuonda Hill
Servant Leader
TaQuonda Hill’s contribution to community can be described as Servant Leadership. She serves as president & CEO of Charm & Company, serves on the Board of Directors for the Change Management Institute, she is Co-founder of the Fortitude Collective – I Brought My Chair – Solidifying the Role of Black Women in Leadership, and is an executive Board Member of the Henry County Georgia Federation of Democratic Women.

In the last election, Hill played an integral part in turning Henry County Blue.  “I did this through voter registration drives, holding forums to bring awareness, phone banking, and partnering with other local county organizations”. 

She also developed the Strategic Engagement Approach and Communication Plan for the county to support the 2020 Presidential Election and the recent January run-off.

Erika Golden-Jennings
As a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Ericka does a lot of volunteer work  in the community assisting with activities and initiatives.  As an educator,  she shows up as her authentic self for her students. Golden-Jennings  also shows up as an advocate for holistic health. “I educate those around me to evaluate the products and things that they are putting on and in their bodies”. After a  diagnoses of endometriosis Golden Jennings found herself on a mission to learn as much as she could about health and wellness. Fueled by her both her diagnosis and new found education, Erika launched a business called Golden Essence Company with her sister. 

The business focuses on providing non-toxic beauty products such as body butter, scrubs, and bath teas to customers.

Jonathan Tolbert
Out Reach
Each One, Reach One is Jonathan Tolbert’s personal mantra. His compassion for our most vulnerable, the elderly, is Tolbert’s personal contribution to what makes his commitment to community very special.

It’s the little things like running errands with his mother for elderly neighbors and church members that fosters togetherness and purpose. 

His empathetic ‘give back’ afforded many of our elderly the opportunity to get the polls to vote in the 2020 presidential election.

Shonkeya Shaw
Shonkeya Shaw knows how important it is to feel beautiful. She also understands that not all women can afford professional beauty services. Her contribution to community is providing free beauty services to those women. 

Teaming up with South Atlanta Moms, an organization that provides information to Southside families, Shonkeya gives away beauty services to those who desire a little pampering and glamour but can not afford it.

For Ms. Shaw, it is about showing women that they can start their own businesses, be your own boss, invest in yourself, mentor others, and be a great mom while making positive change in other lives.

LaDonna Hampton
“I tutor our youth in early literacy”, boosts LaDonna Hampton. 

She is an advocate,  empowering her community to live life on purpose. Through living her life on purpose, Hampton believes pushing people to understand there is more than enough, and that anyone can make a difference. For her, it simply a matter of recognizing those opportunities. “I am honored to bring people together to connect and to provide our little ones with individual learning time” she says. 

LaDonna is also the publisher of two books,  Black Butterfly and The Hustle. She is also the organizer of Clayton County’s first annual Juneteenth event. “I believe there is power in celebrating historical moments that impact each of us, especially in the African American community”. Hampton concludes.

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