Dreaming BIG with Tameka West, Esq.

Article by · February 14, 2018

If there was ever a wrong that, Tameka West, Esq. could right it would be INEQUALITY, “Because everyone should be provided with the same opportunities in life!” she exclaims. Growing up in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Ms. West witnessed and faced many injustices that inadvertently fueled her dream and gave her the determination to practice law. While there were many who did not believe that she would succeed, Tameka’s self-confidence, sense of pride, and strong will proved all of her naysayers to be dead wrong.

In pursuit of her dream, Tameka attended Clark Atlanta University on a full academic scholarship for her undergraduate studies in political science. She became the first in her family to attend college and graduated summa cum laude. West went on to earn her juris doctor from the University of Iowa College of Law in 2000, and within four years opened her own firm.

Inspired by the late Thurgood Marshall’s dedication to civil rights law, West made a firm decision to seek justice for those who experience inequality. When asked what she enjoys most about her career choice, she says, “Helping people, particularly clients who have been unlawfully terminated from their jobs and/or denied reasonable accommodations in the workplace.”

Throughout Tameka’s life her aunt, Gloria Gasaway-Williams, has also been a source of inspiration by showing her niece unconditional love and unmeasured strength no matter what. When I asked Ms. West to list five things (or people, or a mix of both) that matter to her most and why, she listed: Faith because you must overcome many hurdles in life; Family and Friends because everyone needs a support base; Self-Confidence because you must believe in yourself despite those who doubt you; Career because everyone has a purpose in life; and Community Service because to whom much is given, much is required.

Even though she did not include her love for football on this list, anyone near and dear to her knows that the Atlanta Falcons is her team, and they matter a whole bunch to her! While most of Tameka’s BIG Dreams have been realized, her heart is set on someday taking the bench as a judge.

Ms. West is a Clayton County resident who is a Leadership Clayton gradute and serves on the Development Authority Board.

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